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CD: The Magic of Memories
Foreword by:
Professor Beverley Raphael, Professor of Population Mental Health and Disasters, Medical School, University of Western Sydney.

“This collection of real life stories has the power to illuminate key aspects of grief, and contribute to a deeper understanding of childhood bereavement. They are written with great sensitivity and insight by Dianne McKissock OAM, a highly experienced bereavement counsellor, who is deeply knowledgeable of children’s trauma and resilience in the face of loss. While the stories are addressed to children with the purpose of facilitating expression of feelings, thoughts, concerns and responses following the loss of a loved person, they are also a valuable educational tool. They could be used by any parents, teachers, educators, and counsellors who assume responsibility to create a ‘safe place’ for children to experience their grief, and be supported as they move on with living while keeping the memory of their loved one alive.

The magic of these stories lies in their potential to have a therapeutic effect on children who feel misunderstood in their coping with the challenges of bereavement. Each story is powerful and memorable: a lesson about the preciousness of LIFE and the value of caring and loving relationships”.

Book - Care & Support Pack for Families & Friends Bereaved by Suicide

Danai Papadatou, Professor of Psychology, Athens University, Greece.
Founder of ‘Merimna’ – Society for the Care of Children and Families
Facing Illness and Death

“The gentle, caring soul of Dianne McKissock sings to us in the five delightful, realistic, and reassuringly wise stories offered on her new CD ‘The Magic of Memories’. Delightful in their simplicity, honesty, and colour. Realistic in capturing aspects of children’s grief. And reassuring to children and parents alike in messages of hope, lasting connection, and compassion. There is genuine magic in the mythic quality of the last and title story that resonates with a truly universal spirituality.”

Dr. Thomas Attig, Professor of Applied Philosophy, Author of ‘The Way We
Grieve: Relearning The World’.

“The Magic of Memories’ is a sensitive, informed and valuable resource for those who are working with children and dealing with the issues of their grief. The stories of Hamish and his family following his father’s death, explore the children’s need for understanding, their attempts to make meaning of their changed world, and how important support is – both within the family, and outside. It explores themes of grief, yearning, anger, guilt and memory with narratives and metaphors that can be adaptive in the care and responses to children who are bereaved.

Di McKissock’s compassion, skill and understanding shines through, reflecting the high quality of the work she did and progress she made through the National Centre for Childhood Grief – ‘A Friend’s Place’. It is a resource that children can use, but is especially important for those who would care for them through the sadness and loss of this challenge in their lives.”

Professor Beverley Raphael
Professor of Population Mental Health and Diasters, Medical School, University of Western Sydney

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