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Book: Bereavement Counselling: Guidelines for Practitioners
Reviewed by:
Donna O'Toole - Compassion Books

In regard to your writing I want you to know how validating and exciting it is to me to find others who have stepped out of a mold to express a process much more open and creative than has often been done before. I have spent a great deal of time working on how the use of language and our mind sets can thwart rather than potentiate the natural process of growth through loss. A few years ago I did a great deal of work on this, but I lacked the energy to pursue publishing it. Your work rather relieves me of that need. The language you use is open and welcoming. How exciting that you present your work with such a solid foundation without using clinical linear language structures that can encase rather than release. Your mention of quantum physics and chaos theory is equally exciting. Of course I am aware that often that which is most exciting is that which validates ones own experience. Your work certainly does that for me and I am delighted. I look forward to providing a place where others in the USA and Canada can easily assess your fine work.

Donna O'Toole
Compassion Books

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Book - Bereavement Counselling - Guidelines for Practitioners
ISBN 0 646 357567



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