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The Magic of Memories CD
By Dianne McKissock
Narrated by Henri Szeps
These stories are based on real experiences of bereaved children and their families who have received support at ‘A Friend’s Place’. They address common fears and needs of bereaved children, no matter how the death occurred.
Children’s grief is often misunderstood or overlooked. At times, in our attempts to protect children we love from the harsh realities of life, we may avoid talking openly about painful subjects, especially dying and death.
Children need access to truth, and they need to be included in whatever grief (and joy) important adults in their life are experiencing. They need opportunities to be involved in significant family rituals in ways that allow them to express valued aspects of themselves and their relationships.
They can handle truth, as long as it is delivered compassionately, in language they can understand. However, there is one important aspect of this process that we should be mindful of – ALWAYS ask first what the child understands about the event or situation. If we fail to do this, we may answer questions they are not really asking, or patronise them by explaining something they have known all along.

Profits from the sale of CDs will benefit The National Centre for Childhood Grief, also know as 'A Friend's Place'.

For more information contact the Centre: phone/fax: 1300 654 556

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The Magic of Memories


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