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Books - By Other Authors

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Books by Other Authors
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The Last Dance: Encountering Death & Dying
(5th Edition) (6th Edition Now Available)
By Lynne Ann DeSpelder & Albert Lee Strickland

Nowhere will you find a more authoritative, comprehensive, clearly written
and fascinating text on the subject of thanatology. This is a book for the
library of anyone interested in death, dying or bereavement.

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The Last Dance: Encountering Death & Dying by Lynne Ann DeSpelder & Albert Lee Strickland

Shadows in the Sun
By Betty Davies

Those who experience the death of a brother or sister in childhood face unique, long-lasting challenges in coming to terms with their loss. Shadows in the Sun provides new and valuable insights into this difficult subject. the book presents a detailed into the bond between siblings, chronicles the the slow evolution of the study of sibling bereavement, and discusses children's understanding of death in a nonstereotypical way.

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Shadows in the Sun by Betty Davies

How We Grieve - Relearning the World
By Thomas Attig

What do we do when a friend, relative, or loved one dies? If we wish to understand the experience of loss, we must learn the details of survivors' stories. In 'How We Grieve', Thomas Attig tells real life tales to illustrate the poignant disruption of life and suffering that life entails. He shows how through grieving we we meet daunting challenges, make critical choices and reshape our lives.

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How We Grieve by Thomas Attig

Arranging a Funeral - A Resource Book for Professionals (In Australia)
By Trudy Coffey
The information in this booklet is written to assist professionals to resource their clients so they can make informed decisions when arranging a funeral.

Funeral arrangements almost invariably are made under extreme pressures by buyers whose bereaved condition may render them unable to make appropriate decisions or to exercise normal business judgement.

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Arranging a Funeral by Trudy Coffey

The Do-It-Yourself Funeral Book
By Leah Munro
This book has been written as a guideline for doing a funeral either with or without a funeral director.

Also you need to be aware it has been especially written for the residents of the Bellingen Shire. If you are using it in another state or shire you must check with the local council, hospital, and any other relevant official department as may be differences in regulations.

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The Do-It-Yourself Funeral Book by Leah Munro

Fading Away
By Betty Davies
This book comes out of the qualitative study of the experiences of twenty-three families in which one parent was dying of cancer. The study attempted to better understand the effect of terminal illness on the entire family system and sought to develop a theoretical framework that would guide the assessment of and services to such families. As a result of interviews with patients, spouses and their adult children over three phases of the study, the process of "fading away" was identified and conceptualised in terms of various phases which contributed to this process.

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Fading Away by Betty Davies

Facing Death
By Sandra Bertman
"Sandra Bertman has given us a distinctive work. In this book Bertman shares an approach to helping us cope with death and grief that draws upon the arts and humanities, an approach she pioneered. On almost every other page we find artistic, literary, or 'pop-culture' images of death, loss, and suffering that have a profound effect on us evoking many different thoughts, stirring emotions, including laughter, and causing us to pause and reflect. This book is a valuable resource for those who want to complement and enrich their scientific knowledge. It is indispensable for the death educator." - Hannelore Wass, Ph.D., University of Florida, Founding Editor, Death Studies.

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Facing Death by Sandra Bertman

With My Heart on my Sleeve - The Weroona Life Stores Project
Published by LUCAN Care, Leichardt NSW 2001
"This book is a delightful, touching and sometimes humorous collection of oral histories of the residents of Weroona Nursing Home in Sydney’s inner west. Most of the stories are about women; loving, gentle, feisty, adventurous, rebellious women. Women who have loved and been loved. The same could be said of the one story about a male resident."

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With My Heart on my Sleeve by  LUCAN Care


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