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Useful Links

A Friend's Place
National Centre for Childhood Grief

Now What - A website for young people living with cancer
Now What is a website for young people dealing with cancer (young people who have cancer, have a sibling, parent or friend with cancer, or whose sibling, parent or friend has died from cancer.)

It provides young people information, support and connection. Information ranges from cancer types and treatment, to coping strategies for dealing with grief and loss. It also has a community available for young people to discuss issues, and the site contains many stories, so young people can find others in the same situation and understand they are not alone.

Health professionals can also order resources to give young people in their care living with cancer. Young people have been extensively involved in the development of this site, and it is proudly brought to young people by CanTeen – the Australian Organisation for Young People Living with Cancer.

Association for Death Education and Counselling
International organisation for those interested in the subject.

Bears of Hope
Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, a registered incorporation in NSW

American Association for Retired People
"Coping With Grief and Loss"

British Medical Journal (BMJ)

BMJ is currently producing a series of ten articles dealing with different kinds of loss. The editors of this series are Colin Murray Parkes and /Andrew Markus. Full text articles are available on line. Find them by clicking on this link and then enter bereavement into the words in the title or abstract search box.

Children with AIDS Project

Information and education about children with AIDS along with a variety of services for children affected by AIDS, including those who need foster or adoptive care. Links to the Apple-sponsored online community where sick kids can communicate with each other.

Compassion Books

ADEC's official book store. Compassion offer a huge variety of books on the subject of death, dying and bereavement. They distribute the books written by Dianne and Mal McKissock in North America.


GriefNet is a place where you can communicate with others via e-mail support groups about death, grief, and major loss, including life-threatening and chronic illness.

Growth House

With the goal of improving the quality of care for the dying, this site offers an extensive directory of Internet resources relating to life-threatening illness and end-of-life care; also offers a monthly e-mail newsletter.

OncoLink - University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center

This site contains an extensive resource directory about cancer. From specific information about particular types of cancer to psychosocial support and personal experiences, the global resources include institutions, organizations, associations, support groups, online journals, book reviews, and other resources for cancer patients and physicians.

SAVE: Suicide Awareness \ Voices of Education

Provides education and information about suicide and suicide prevention, as well as outreach and grief support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Includes the CDC╣s most recent statistics on death by suicide, frequently asked questions about suicide, book reviews, and other resources about suicide.

SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support

Support Group page for parents experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death.


Links to some of the best sites related to death and dying.

Tom Golden's Web-Site

This website also links to other death/dying sites and is a primary resource for insights and research on gender differences in the grief experience.

After Losing Your Baby

Hannah Lothrop is author of 'Help, Comfort and Hope - After Losing Your Baby in the Pregnancy or the First Year' Check out her home page and read about her publications.

LIFE - Living is for Everyone
The Commonwealth government’s Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) website is a world-class suicide and self-harm prevention resource. Dedicated to providing the best available evidence and resources to guide activities aimed at reducing the rate at which people take their lives in Australia, the LIFE website is designed for people across the community who are involved in suicide and self-harm prevention activities.

Canteen - The Australian Organisation for Young People Living with Cancer

Capers Book Store
Specialising in books on pregnancy and birth, fertility issues, midwifery, breastfeeding, parenting and grief; and teaching resources for midwifery and  childbirth education.


Central Coast Websites
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