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The Last Dance: Encountering Death & Dying

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The Last Dance: Encountering Death & Dying (5th Edition) (8th Edition now available)
By Lynne Ann DeSpelder & Albert Lee Strickland

Here in its 5th edition is the definitive text in death education for adults and high school students.

Nowhere will you find a more authoritative, comprehensive, clearly written and fascinating text on the subject of thanatology. This is a book for the library of anyone interested in death, dying or bereavement.

The Last Dance is 'Recommended Reading' by the Association for Death Education and Counseling.


Interdisciplinary perspective
Unlike other books in the field, The Last Dance successfully combines the research and theory of diverse disciplines such as anthropology, art, ethics, health science, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, public policy, religion, and sociology.

    The Last Dance: Encountering Death & Dying by Lynne Ann DeSpelder & Albert Lee Strickland

Empathy and compassion
Throughout its coverage, the text emphasizes the positive and necessary values of compassion, listening, and tolerance for the views of others.

Use of examples
A wide array of anecdotes, examples, songs, poems, and personal accounts included ensure that the content is relevant and concrete to students.

Multicultural perspective
The text examines sociocultural influences on the understanding of death, including coverage of theoretical perspectives, the agents of socialization, and the role of ethnic and cultural traditions as related to death attitudes and customs in modern, pluralistic societies.

Contents of the book include:

  • Attitudes Toward Death: A Climate of Change
  • Perspectives on Death: Cross-Cultural and Historical
  • Learning about Death: The Influence of Sociocultural Forces
  • Health Care Systems: Patients, StafF, and Institutions
  • Facing Death: Living with Life-Threatening Illness
  • Medical Ethics: Dying in a Technological Age
  • Survivors: Understanding the Experience of Loss
  • Last Rites: funerals and Body Disposition
  • The Law and Death
  • Death in the Lives of Children and Adolescents
  • Death in the Lives of Adults
  • Suicide
  • Risks of Death in the Modern World
  • Beyond Death / After Life
  • The Path Ahead: Personal and Social Choices

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