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With My Heart On My Sleeve

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With My Heart On My Sleeve - The Weroona Life Stories Project
Published by LUCAN Care, Leichardt NSW 2001

This book is a delightful, touching and sometimes humorous collection of oral histories of the residents of Weroona Nursing Home in Sydney's inner west. Most of the stories are about women; loving, gentle, feisty, adventurous, rebellious women. Women who have loved and been loved. The same could be said of the one story about a male resident.

The stories, each valuable in its own right, take the reader behind the visual images of ageing, into the residents' internal world - a rich tapestry of memories which span a century. Lovingly recorded, beautifully produced and illustrated, I would recommend this book to sensitive people of all ages.

Purchase Details:
Price - 5 or more copies - $20 plus postage & handling
Single copies - $ 24.95 + $2.50 postage per copy
Address: P.O. Box 89, LEICHARDT. NSW 2040
Phone: (02) 9568.8000

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With My Heart On My Sleeve by LUCAN Care


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