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The Do-It-Yourself Funeral Book

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The Do-It-Yourself Funeral Book
By Leah Munro, Co-ordinator of the Bellingen Shire Bereavement Service (North Coast NSW Australia)

This book has been written as a guideline for doing a funeral either with or without a funeral director.
Also you need to be aware it has been especially written for the residents of the Bellingen Shire. If you are using it in another state or shire you must check with the local council, hospital, and any other relevant official department as may be differences in regulations.

Fearless Funerals
"The death of someone you love will bring you face to face with their death and your own. This booklet is about facing death, of not turning away and closing off, but becoming familiar with death. We only fear what we don't know. When we are able to allow our fears to go, the realisation of how precious our time here is can finally emerge.

    The Do-It-Yourself Funeral Book by Leah Munro

I encourage others to learn and understand about your rights regarding hospitals, funeral procedures, councils, and Health Dept. regulations concerning death. I believe the more it is in our consciousness the more empowered we will be to make wise decisions in a crisis time, thus enabling us to begin our grieving process and our healing".
Leah Munro

Contents of the book include:

  • Things that can be done before a death occurs
  • What to do when someone dies at home
  • Things to be aware of
  • If a person dies in hospital
  • Death of a baby
  • Transportation
  • Making a coffin
  • Coroner
  • Legal requirements
  • Grieving process
  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Tasks to be done
  • Tasks
  • Planning a service
  • Suggested ceremony
  • Ceremony
  • Matters related to deaths/funerals
  • Wills

Information, resources and counselling are available from the Bellingen Shire.
To contact Leah Munro email her at lmunro@dodo.com.au

Available From:
Catherine Campbell
Miindala Coordinator
1 Melia Place
Bellingen 2454
H: 655 2334
M: 0448 084 792

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