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Arranging a Funeral

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Arranging a Funeral
A Resource Book for Professionals (In Australia)

By Trudy Coffey, B.A. Dip Soc Stud (Syd) Chief Social Worker, Liverpool Hospital

The information in this booklet is written to assist professionals to resource their clients so they can make informed decisions when arranging a funeral.

Funeral arrangements almost invariably are made under extreme pressures by buyers whose bereaved condition may render them unable to make appropriate decisions or to exercise normal business judgement.

Moreover, people may impose their own ideas of suitability on others, resulting in different information from different funeral Directors in an area in which the public's experience/knowledge is extremely limited.

    Arranging a Funeral by Trudy Coffey

Funeral directors must, therefore, play a dual role. They have a duty to serve people at a most difficult time in their lives, while at the same time they must run a profitable business.

However, bereavement counsellors agree that the funeral service has a therapeutic value in assisting the bereaved family's readjustment after a death, but they emphasise the importance of ritual in this process. By ritual, they mean the personal ritual of people coming together and saying something - not the ritual of expensive equipment (hearse, mourners' cars, chapels, coffins).

Contents of the book include:

  • Procedure when a person dies
  • Obtaining a Death Certificate
  • Role of the Coroner
  • Role of Executor
  • Role of Police
  • Role of Funeral Director
  • Basic Funeral
  • Documents for Burial and cremation
  • Memorialisation
  • Non-religious Funerals
  • Shipping of 'human remains' to Overseas Countries
  • The Cost
  • Children's Funeral Costs
  • When is the Coroner Involved?
  • Inquest
  • Destitute Funeral
    - Definition
    - Procedure for Cremation and Burial
    - Responsibility of Contractor
    - Participation by Relatives and Friends
  • Funeral for a Stillborn Baby
    - Definition
    - Cost
    - Destitute Burial
  • Financial Assistance
  • Funeral Funds

"....This is a great little booklet that should be on the shelf in every health professional office..." (Mal)

We will include more of the content over time but if you want a copy now they are available from:
Social Work Department
Liverpool Hospital
P.O. Box 103
Liverpool NSW 2170

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