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Game - Concentration CONCENTRATION
In this game you'll need to concentrate on where two of the same pictures are
and find all the paired pictures. See how fast you can do it. Note: The timer starts as
soon as you go into the game. Needs only 1 player.
Game - Connect 4 CONNECT 4
This is the same as the real game. You and another player must get 4 of your colours in a row to complete the game. Needs 2 players.
Game - Tic-tac-toe TIC-TAC-TOE
This is the all-time classic game. Play against the computer to see who can get three of a kind in a straight line. Needs only 1 player.
Game - Simon Says SIMON SAYS
This game tests your memory by seeing how far you can go
remembering patterns. Needs only 1 player
Game - Dots DOTS
Dots also goes by the name of Squares. You play against the computer in seeing how many squares you can get against how many the computer can get by selecting the corners (dots). If you get all four corners, you win the box. Needs only 1 player.

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